Successful People

I was vPeter's sunriseisiting a professional colleague of mine recently and I noted a wonderful list on his wall of success traits. It was by his desk as a constant reminder of what the traits of a successful person, as well as the unsuccessful person, really are. It was very reminiscent of the late Steven Covey’s writings…focusing in on the character of an individual as the barometer of effectiveness, and ultimate success in life. This could be seen as a do’s  and don’ts list. I think it is a great reminder of keeping our focus on others by reminding us that true success is found in the synergy of working for the common good rather than our own self-interests…

Successful people:
Have a sense of gratitude
Forgive others
Accept responsibility for their failures
Keep a Journal
Keep a “to-do” list
Set goals and develop life plans
Continuously learn
operate from a transformational perspective
Embrace Change
Exude Joy
Share information and Data
Talk about ideas
Read everyday
Give other people credit for their victories

Unsuccessful People:
Have a sense of entitlement
Hold a grudge
Blame others
Think they know it all
Operate from a transactional perspective
Never set goals
Don’t know what they want to be
Talk about other people
Withhold information and data
Fly by the seat of their pants
Fear Change
Watch TV everyday
Take all the credit for their victories

In reviewing this list, there are full blogs to be written on each of these line items…but for now, consider these items and reflect on how they integrate into your mind set. It’s powerful stuff…I wish you all much success!


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